SEASON 2024 London

Live Demonstrations, 3D Virtual Reality Anatomy Lab + Two-Day Conference

SEASON 2024 in London offers unique opportunities for individualised, interactive and hands-on learning on all aspects of aesthetic medicine. Our stellar global faculty offers the most cutting-edge concepts, and everything you need to know about what’s on our horizon.

The SEASON 3D Anatomy Immersion at the Royal College of Physicians is unique in providing individualised, hands-on-training with state-of-the-art ultrasound, 3D Virtual Reality Anatomy, and high-fidelity Anatomy Simulators. SEASON’s structured practical testing (modified Objective Structured Practical Examination) before and after the 3D anatomy course enables you to truly assess your gains in knowledge of face and body anatomy.

Our theme for SEASON 2024 London is Aesthetics from Face to Body—a unique and fascinating investigation of how new and emerging technologies and techniques for face and body restoration are intertwined in their science, safety and applications.

Day 1

Friday, 7 June: 9:00 AM–5:30 PM
at the Royal College of Physicians

  • Live Demonstration Day with 3D Anatomy Immersion, Hands-On Ultrasound, Injectables & Threads Training.
    • In accordance with UK regulations, live demonstrations are broadcast from an accredited London clinic to the Royal College of Physicians and accompanied by live, in-person commentary and 3D anatomy projections created specifically for SEASON London.
  • Surface & Layered Anatomy including Fat Compartments, Muscles, Ligaments and Blood Vessels.
  • Key Techniques for Fillers, Toxins and Threads.
  • Tips and Tricks for approaching Anatomical Danger Zones.
  • Avoidance and Management of Filler, Toxin and Threads Complications.
  • Lunch & Learn Symposium.

Day 2

Saturday, 8 June: 9:00 AM–5:30 PM
at the Royal College of Physicians

  • SEASON Journal Club—Periorbital Deep Dive.
  • Fillers to the Tear Trough: The Four Keys to Success
  • Regenerative Medicine Myths, Dreams & Reality including Polynucleotides, Exosomes, Platelet Therapies, Epigenetics, Stem Cells, Regenerative Pearls.
  • Lunch & Learn Symposium: SEASON Skintellectuals.
  • SEASON Myth-Buster Debates—London Edition on Fillers, Toxins and Lasers & Lights.
  • Skin of Color—London edition.
  • Evening Reception in the Medicinal Gardens with viewing of scientific posters.
  • Optional Bonus Ultrasound Preceptorship with extra, individualised hands-on tuition—email us for more information.

Day 3

Sunday, 9 June: 9:00 AM–5:00 PM
at the Royal College of Physicians

  • Ethics of Aesthetics—London edition.
  • The AI Tsunami—Everything You Need To Know to Navigate Artificial Intelligence in Aesthetics.
  • Aesthetic Controversies.
  • Gender-Affirming Care—London edition.
  • Complications Case Studies—Injectables and Lasers from Face to Body.
  • Skin Science Myth-Busters.
  • Socially Unacceptable? This Year’s Most Outrageous Social Media Claims.
  • Lunch & Learn Symposium.
  • New Technologies and Techniques.