28–30 April 2023


George Washington University School of Medicine and Health Sciences



9–11 June 2023


King’s College London Guy’s Campus



17–19 November 2023


Mohammed Bin Rashid University

Welcome to SEASON

Dear Friends and Colleagues,

We are truly fortunate to be holding the SEASON Aesthetic Conference at George Washington University and the Guy’s campus of King’s College London—both historical landmarks, inspiring testaments to the progress of medical science, and living museums of extraordinary power and beauty.

SEASON ’23 is the 4th Congress of the Global Aesthetics Alliance (GAA), a not-for-profit scientific exchange that has the mission of advancing procedural safety and outcomes in aesthetic medicine, identifying unmet needs in research and development, and fostering responsible media reporting in aesthetics.

SEASON ’23 is a premier programme of aesthetic education and hands-on training that is aligned with the British academic societies of dermatology and plastic surgery and is directly linked to the cosmetic component of their curricula.

As with the previous GAA conferences, we believe that SEASON ’23 is a new way forward in aesthetic science and safety.

We understand and respect that delegates sacrifice time in their clinics and offices and incur significant expenses to attend conferences. Our aim is to offer training and education that are worthy of this—a stellar global faculty with academic and scientific priorities who will catalyse an unsurpassed, interactive agenda of learning and sharing with no hidden commercial conflicts of interest.


A core component of SEASON ’23 is its opening day of advanced, hands-on training in anatomy and imaging.

Six registration options are offered for in-person and virtual attendees.

Days 2 and 3 comprise interactive scientific sessions, each based on a Statement of Unmet Educational Need and evidence-based Learning Objectives. The conference agenda is novel, relevant and exciting for today’s practitioner, encompassing cutting-edge concepts and innovations in aesthetic standards of care and best practice.

Day 3 of the SEASON Aesthetic Conference brings together physicians, scientists and media representatives to discuss procedural safety, technological innovations and other key topics. This is an interactive forum for debate, dialogue and consensus, during which every voice in the room counts.


The primary objectives of SEASON are to promote evidence-based medicine and scientific excellence. We also strive to address the increasing diversity of our patient populations with respect to ethnicity, gender, culture and age, and how this diversity impacts treatment planning and outcomes. In reflecting these objectives, SEASON has some unique features with respect to its logistics, format and agenda:

  • Hands-on sessions offering practical, small-group training and preceptorship in essential areas including cadaver dissection and facial anatomy, imaging and augmented reality for procedural safety, use of cannulas, advanced facial analysis, and treatment planning.
  • The SEASON Journal Club for interactive review and analysis of key publications and research, and what they really mean for everyday aesthetic practice.
  • A non-commercialized New Technologies session for unbiased, evidence-based discussion of innovations that will shape the future of aesthetic medicine.
  • Like the Conference Directors, all invited faculty are actively engaged in academic teaching and most have academic appointments at universities, teaching hospitals or plastic surgery and dermatology academies. Our faculty have been specifically selected for their commitment to evidence-based medicine, non-promotional and fair-balanced education, and clinical integrity.
  • Participation of industry in SEASON is by invitation only, and limited to companies and laboratories that are dedicated to procedural safety, evidence-based education, and scientific research. Companies and laboratories serve as conference partners rather than sponsors, by providing educational grants to help defray conference expenses.

To fulfil these objectives and create an intimate dialogue between delegates and faculty, attendance at SEASON is strictly limited. Registration is available now.

In closing, we extend our thanks to our hosts for SEASON, and to the professional societies and journals who are joining us as academic partners. We also thank our meeting planners whose tireless logistical support was essential to bringing SEASON ’23 together, and our graphic & web designers for their assistance with conference communications and graphics.

We wish all delegates, faculty and conference partners of SEASON ’23 an inspiring, interesting and productive three days at one of the world’s finest academic institutions. If we can be of any direct help, please do not hesitate to reach out to us directly.

The SEASON Conference Directors:

  • Hema Sundaram, MA, MB BChir, FAAD
  • Tamara Griffiths, MD, FRCP, FAAD
  • Dalvi Humzah, MBBS, FRCS